87 Dodge Ram50 2.6 carb issues, please help!!

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Hello all, I currently own an 87' Dodge Ram50 2.6, carb problems as suspected, when it's cold it runs like crap, spits/sputters/pops like a backfire but not loudly, sharply stops moving forward and makes a puh-puh-puh noise, once it warms up, it's supurb for city driving. Now, once i get on the interstate for about 10 miles or so it still is running like a champ, but after that, it starts spitting and sputtering again, what the heck is the issue? Somebody with some experience in this area that would help me out would be such a huge life saver because this is my work truck and i drive it religiously.. thanks..


posted by  LowForLyfe

Brad, check your fuel pressure and replace fuel filter, sounds like your running lean, have fun Slim :screwy:

posted by  Slimone

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