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ok any advice would be appreciated.i have a 85 mustang it started giving me problems.wasnt getting fuel to throttle body so i dropped the tank removed the fuel pump and hooked it up to a battery and tested it worked fine so now im stuck trying to figuer out if i have a short ,or maby a bad relay switch.also i have a question ,and the question is if i can bypass the wiring or splice into the wiring and run me a line to fuse box directly ,and does the fuel pump shut down when its restricted cause i dont want it to run constanly and flood it.not sure if it would work just wanted to see someone elses input on this.i done it on a sissorlift and the fuel pump work on it ,but after all this not a sissorlift.thanx on any input. :banghead:

posted by  highvelocity

Hi. Would check fuel pump relay,they screw up a lot on fords ,also do a fuel pressure test on it ,just cause fuel pump runs doesn't mean it has the right pressure ,Not sure but think it should be 39lbs . have you changed fuel filter lately? have fun Slim :screwy:

posted by  Slimone

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