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i have a 1994 ford mustang gt. it has 120,000 miles and 5.0L, manual. When i start from a stop in 1st gear, right after i let the clutch out, there is a knock. it sounds like it is coming either from the center or the front right side of the car. once the car is moving it will make the knock sound if i begin to accelerate. it is not regular though. what i mean by that is that it does not happen everytime i accelerate. please help. thank you.

posted by  stuk121

how bout u just leave the car in ur garage, open the hood, and manually rev the engine and check if it makes the sound like that? that would seriously help out to check if its a rod knock (which is bad, mmkay?).

if its a rod knock, then it will (or should) make the knocking sound no matter wat gear its in, and its usually in the 2k-4k rpms (cases may vary from wat i have heard, but thats the most ive heard of).

posted by  Inygknok

Is your knock, more of a thump? Check for a loose motor or transmission mount.

posted by  lectroid

no it does not make the knocking sound when the engine is not in gear. i thought it might be an engine mount, i also was thinking it could be a throwout bearing, but i would like to keep getting advice or opinions. thanks

posted by  stuk121

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