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Hi all, I have a problem and wondered if any1 can help me??? My problem is... I have bought a car with a laserline already fitted, not sure which model apart from it's a CAT 1 alarm???? well cut long story short the alarm for some reason has lost it's code, so went down to my local shop and forked out £45 just for a new fob and code to be put in!!! My problem is I only have 1 fob now to open my car (it's de-locked), but someone was telling me that the other 2 buttons on the fob r used to reprogramme the other fob with the new code etc... not sure if this is true, but hey worth the checking out. I have tried to find laserline's web site, but nothing seems to be coming up???

Does anyone know where I can find a user manual and/or what the buttons R for???? :thumbs:

posted by  zeebagpuss


I have had problems with my Laserline too, but after sending an email to Laserline in Italy I recieved the address of the Dutch dealer on whose site I found a manual. Follow the next link for the laserline headquarter in Italy and you will find the address to mail to. For loosing the code in the remote key after replacing the battery eg., my system (a 988 I think) needs to synchronise the key with the main unit. To do so I had to stand next to the car and press and hold the activate/deactivate button until the green led dims and that's all.

posted by  ByteSurfer

Ok thanx I'll give that ago... fingers X it should pick up the code...

Many Thanx... I'll let u know how I got on :thumbs:

posted by  zeebagpuss

i just changed the battery in my fob, and now the alarm doesnt respond to it. I cant activate or deactivate my alarm.

ive tried holding the button down till the light goes off, and nothing happens.

what is the url of the dutch website where you found your instructions?



posted by  rydwg

I went to the above web site, but didn't find no instructions???? so emailed them asking where I should go - as of yet I have had no reply... I also found this web site and done the same but again no reply... If U find a manual B4 me let us know

Cheers :thumbs:

posted by  zeebagpuss

Ok, I have found the following information:

I have mailed to r.rossi@laserline. it and it took some days to get an answer.
The Dutch site is at and I went to Support - Technische informatie. There you can select brand, model and subject. The only thing you do not like is that it's all in Dutch!

posted by  ByteSurfer

thanks for the help, but the dutch pdf files were quite hard to read, especially when i dont know which model i have :)

anyway, my alarm somehow fixed itself over night, i left the battery disconnected, reconnected it this morning. Sat in the car and it started going off again, "**** sake" i thought. then i pressed my fob, and bam, it stopped. now my fob works again :D

dunno how or why, but i like it :)

posted by  rydwg

The first time I tried to use the alarm and switch it on with the key in the main unit, the alarm sounded immidiately. Pressing the fob did not stop it. Then I dismounted the main unit from the car, opened the housing and disconnected the internal battery. Then I switched on the unit to get the remaining power from the electronics (to reset) and switched off again, reconnected the battery and then the unit worked fine.

posted by  ByteSurfer

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