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Probably (hopefully!) a pretty simple question...my camry's leaking water on the passenger's feet and my own, and I'm pretty certain that the A/C drain is clogged (at least, until I discover otherwise). I know that the solution is to unblock the drain hose, but the Haynes manual only gives the HVAC a few pages and doesn't mention where this is located. I'm guessing that the water is actually coming out through the foot vents - am I going to have to pull the central console? I'm no mechanic but at least that far I'm comfortable with going, as long as it doesn't take special tools.

posted by  Treads0322

Well. Looks like I misread something :oops: ...should actually be really simple, the drain just comes out of the firewall in the engine compartment, right? I'll look at it as soon as I get home from work tonight...any more specific suggestions though are always welcome :wink2:

posted by  Treads0322

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