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Hi, everybody. I am new here and thanks a lot for any help.

I bought a 2004 year TOYOTA Camry. The dealer introduced a ECP extra care protection program that pay $1700 (canadian) for 84 months (120000km) extended care. I am not sure it will be useful or not. Who has this experience? Usually saying Camry is good quality but repaire is expensive.

I don't drive car too much so I can keep it in 120000 km in 7 years. Who can give me an advice? and who knows that what part of Camry easy to have failure?

I have a 2000 year corolla. It gave me a pain after 3 years warranty. It cost me more than $1000 to repair things like check alarm light on (a fuel valve failure), door open light always on when turn left (one switch loos on the door). I felt so bad about that :cussing: and I am worried my Camry. :doh:

Any one can help? Your any suggestion will be much appreciated.

posted by  ninapmcs

i think you were just cursed on ur corolla, so im pretty sure u will be fine on ur camry..... and 1.7k isnt bad for extra protection untill 120k milage... but i think you need to add more details on what extra protection is??? what does it cover?

posted by  Ki2AY

the only failure i have heard from the 2000-2002 toyotas are some failures in the head but only in cars which are given alot of abuse. other than that... yea, i guess your corolla was cursed.

as for the camry, i havent heard much about it except being one of the most stolen cars in the states (came from some statistics reviews).

posted by  Inygknok

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