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Hi everyone,
I just picked up a '91 Accord. The owner was selling it because it was having steering problems and I want to take a shot at fixing it. The first thing that I noticed when I drove the car was that it was at times very difficult turn the wheel (as if there was no power steering) and at time it was very easy. It felt like the wheel would catch a little and then let go and it would feel very rough turning it. I checked the fluid and it was low and also foamy at the top so I added more fluid. That seemed to help but not fix it entirely. I looked for leaks under the car and spoted a lot of fluid around the steering rack and the hoses going into it. I didnt notice anything obviously wrong with the pump. I cannot be certain just yet where it was leaking from but i think it was one of the lines. Also, at speeds above 15 mph I could hear a whining noise coming from (seemingly) in the dash around the steering column. I was wondering if someone could help me diagnose the problem so that I could find out if the problem is being caused by a ruptured line, the rack, the pump, or any combination of the three. Any help that you can give me would be much appreciated. Thanks.

posted by  wizzyb82

that whirring noise is just being low on PS fluid, it has happened to me (although it shouldnt).

since u have already spotted a leak, go ahead and replace the hoses, since those are very cheap and easy to replace (sometimes uncomfortable, but its still easy). that should fix the problem, else, then it just might be the PS pump itself, but give the hoses a shot first.

posted by  Inygknok

Thanks I'll try that first.

posted by  wizzyb82

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