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Replacing engine with one from a junkyard, replacing most gaskets, seals etc. before I put it in. One or two of the shafts rotated with the timing belt off, so I'm trying to get everything lined up. Problem 1: when the timing mark on the cam is lined up, the rotor is not pointing to where the #1 spark plug wire goes into the distributor, but *is* pointing to about the 3 o'clock position, which, according to the book, is where the contact for the #1 plug is (they all sort of snake around the cap, with none? of the contacts directly under their wire). This, I assume, is OK. (YES, I assumed. If I'm wrong, tell me what to change, because one complete turn on cam results in one turn of rotor, so lining up the timing mark *always* leaves the rotor pointing at 3:00 and not at 12:00 (which is where plug wire #1 happens to go in). The BIG problem is: no matter HOW I arrange the gears, when I put the belt on and turn the crank clockwise, about 2/3 the way around it stops, as though a piston were hitting a valve. I've tried turning the cams every which way, but no matter where they start out, the crank stops after 2/3 turn. I've even tried starting with the crank rotated 180* away from it's mark, and gee, that didn't work (after you've tried everything that might work, you start trying things that shouldn't work). Plugs are out, don't know what additional info I should have supplied. Thank you in advance (and I'll even thank you again afterwards) if you have a clue on this one. -Keith

posted by  kwsmithsr

well, the first thing u should have done was to open up the engine, mainly cuz it came from a junkyard. u have no idea how long that engine could have been sitting there and what it may have gone through. if a piston is hitting a valve, or atleast u think so, then go right ahead and check it and dont wait until u actually put the engine in the car and turn it on, that will just be a major disaster that could have been prevented with wat would be normal and obvious maintainance checks.

so get down to it and open it up.... might find a few surprises....

posted by  Inygknok

Guess that's something I forgot to include: While the new old engine was still in place in it's old Voyager at the junkyard we started and ran it. No knocks, no smoke, ran well. So whatever the problem is is something I caused when I carelessly let the shaft(s) rotate while replacing the water pump. I really really don't want to have to tear the whole thing down- if I was going to do that I could have replaced the bent valves on the old one. This is supposed to be easier. Thanks for the advice- although I hope I don't have to take it :)

posted by  kwsmithsr

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