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My Ford Fiesta is developing a serious rust problem under the sills and around two of the wheel arches. I've never done any bodywork repairs before. Is it worth taking to a garage or can I do it myself? What is best method to treat it? What are the best products?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


posted by  Red Barmy

RUST? No-one really wants to deal with rust. Try this place, they have a lot of good products;, rust repair is more experience than anything else. Don't exxpect much help here or anywhere else.

posted by  lectroid

Cheers mate.

posted by  Red Barmy

Rust is not an easy ale to resolve. If you have no experience with it I recommend reading up on products and techniques as well as seeking some research if you are going to attempt to fix it yourself. Another things is that oftentimes with rust, body work is needed and if you get into cutting out body panels and tack welding as well as paint and prep for paint, you will need expensive precision tools as well as lots of knowledge. Body work is something I'd like to learn someday, and is one thing I don't have much hands on experience with. So this is one novice advise to another. I know a lot of theory on it, but need to practice the hands on. I have no doubt I could do it but as with anything, I would need the tools and practice. :-) Hope that helps.

posted by  cmeseadoin

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