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Hey everyone. I'm sweet J. If you want to learn a little about me. Look at Intro forum headed "Greetings Car People!"
So...How do I put the darn window in?!! It's probably an easy answer I just can't figure it out.
So this is the deal. I am replacing a few exterior and interior parts so the car looks more decent after I got it back from being stolen. After a brake in, I found they broke my rear sliding window to get into the front(that of which both times they found nothing of value in their, ugh). So I ordered the glass sliding window part with the latch and peices. The deal is I'm not sure how to put it back in. There doesn't seem to be enough room to fit it into the bottom slot and somehow line it up in there. Basically the glass seems it is too big to fit in there without removing some of the rubber lining. It seems like it would be a tough thing to take off and put back on though. Like I said, it seems that somebody should know easily what to do about this, yet I am stuck as what to do. Does anyone know how I should do this? Sincerely, Sweet J

posted by  sweetJ

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