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I have a 97 Taurus GL (139,000 miles) that is slowly becoming plagued with what I beleive are elctrical problems. I beleive these problems are all releated to something in the steering column.

Problem #1 started a year ago with the horm and cruise quit working. In researching I found the horn fuse was blown. After replacing the fuse, it blew again when I blew the horn (the horn really never blew, but the fuse did). Since the cruise and horn seem to be tied together on the same circuit, may explain why the cruise never worked

Problem 2# Last winter, I noticed that after starting the car, the interior light would stay on. In addition, the doors would not "auto lock" after putting the car in gear and taking off down the road. As the weather warmed up, this problem went away. I am not having this problem any more, but thought I would mention it.

Problem #3 Within the last week, when I put the car into reverse, the radio quits playing (power stays on but just can't hear any sound). Also when putting the car reverse ( now this is really brain boggling) the power steering quits working (meaning the car steers really hard). When I put the column shifter in any other postion, the radio works and the cars steers "normally".

This is my first time posting to a fourum of this calipar, so go easy on me. I am sure that I left out some details which will sparks some questions.

Any ideas?


posted by  taurus_jungle

I have been having the same problem with my 1996 Taurus - When the car is in park everything is fine - but when I shift it in to drive - I lose the radio volume and my power windows don't work ???

posted by  mike_in_usa2001

OK easy fixes :hi: maybe
Problem #1
- The cruise and horn do use the same fuse I belive, unplug the horn and replace fuse and retest the cruise, I have seen quite a few shorted ford horns

Problem #2
- Use some wd-40 type stuff and lube the door latch in the door. There is a little pin switch that likes to stick. Do all 4 doors and work the latch a few times. If that doesn't help you will need a new switch in the suspect door

Problem #3
- Never really researched it but you need a new Trans Shift Lever position sensor. It feed the BCM the wrong info or something and does all kinda wierd stuff. Usually most noticable is that the radio cuts in reverse.

Good Luck

posted by  froylaven

All problems are fixed.

Problem #1: replaced horn

Problem #2: Sprayed wd40 on door latches (who would have ever quessed)

Problem #3: Replaced range sensor (gear shift selector). Oh my gosh what a difference. my power steering asssist and radio both work, even when the car is in drive.

Thank you very much froylaven...... :clap:

posted by  taurus_jungle

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