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The fan directly by the raditor is continuing to run in my 2000 Dodge Dakota after I turn the engine off. What can I do about this? Thanks

posted by  goodtiger

Does it run untill the battery would die or just for a few minutes. If it is only for a few minutes it is probably normal. The radiator fan switch or temp sensor is activated by the temp. of the coolant in the engine block. If it is still hot after the car is turned of the car still tries to cool the fluid in the radiator. If it runs for a very long time it may be a bad radiator fan switch or engine temp. sensor depending on if the truck has both. It may also be that its time to change the coolant or add more antifreeze/coolant. If you cant figure it out you might want to take it in to make sure that the engine is not over heating or running the fan unnecessarily. Constant over heating may cause the head gasket to fail or worse. so stay on the safe side.

posted by  wizzyb82

Thanks for your help!

posted by  goodtiger

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