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Its 92 Excel LS, manual. later model with the fuel injector or something. ~180 000 km's.

When i change gears to 3rd, there is a really od clunk when shifting. My friend who says he knows about cars a bit, says that I might need my gearbox changed over ~$1000 :(. I was looking on the net and found this.Here (http://auto.consumerguide.com/auto/used/reviews/full/index.cfm/id/2050)

Manual transmission: Gear clashes or grinding when shifting from second to third gear is corrected by installing beefier synchronizers. (1990-94)

im not sure what these syncronizers are, or how much they cost (are they just a different name for parts of the gearbox?), or if it may be the soltution. also wondering about the cost of installation aswell? I have also been told i have a high clutch, my parents suspect this also has something to do with it. the clashing/grinding is barely noticable when first driving, but after a while it gets more and more noticable. It is only on changing into 3rd, and all of the other gears are fine.

Everything is stock on the car so far, mainly to my lack of funds, but it is in a good condition.

any help would be appreciated, if you need more details just let me know. I'll do as much as I can. Im new to the boards and life with a car, so yeah, thanks!

posted by  Bleaaargh

its best if u visit howstuffworks.com and look for synchronizers, that would make the explanation A LOT easier, since u get diagrams and nice gifs and flash movies doing the explanation. it will only take u 10 minutes and it will explain a whole lot better than wat any of us will be capable of.

anyhow, after u pay a visit to the site, then i would like to know if its either a clunk or a grinding sound that the shift makes. if its a grinding sound and its kind of hard to shift into 3rd gear, then it has to be the synchros. u dont have to replace the whole gearbox for that, it would be stupid. a tranny doesnt even cost that much, atleast not for that type of vehicle (one for my supra can cost from like $200-$400 in damn good conditions).

the cost of the synchros can vary depending on wether u get stock ones or beefier ones, it all depends. as far as costs for those go, i honestly dont know. synchros for my car were around $200 total, but my mech is rebuilding a transmission just for me (beefed up) for $400. u could have a look around for this. those excels arent rare cars so it should be easy to find one, even one in a junkyard and check if any of them has a trans for your car (good condition one ofc).

posted by  Inygknok

Oh HELL INGY, just explain to the guy on a high level what a synchronizer does.......he does not need it to be in depth and rocket science. I could go into in depth rocket science on the premise that you can't seem to spell nor type a gramatically correct or cohesive sentence, but instead, I am going to try and help Blea with understanding what his problem might be. Howstuffworks.com is a GREAT site and I am not discounting that suggestion, but you could have at least just told him what synchro's do without refering his to some other site for that. I jump all over people that type stupid postings that are absent-minded, but he's looking for real help and has a fairly well-written post for someone that is not that car savy but trying to understand.

Basically, Blea, in a manual transmission when you change gears, you have all kinds of gears and such spinning inside the transmission as the car is in motion. Well, when you have to change gears , there needs to be a way to get the gears that need to come in contact with one another to do so and do it smoothly and without jamming and grinding, right? The way this is done is with gear synchronizers commonly refered in the industry as the "tranny synchro's." This is a mechanical devise that "stops" if you will, the gears that need to come in touch with one another and allows them to slide together and then continue working. It's all in the name of gear alignment. When synchro's start to go out, you can experience hard shifting, a little to a lot of grinding on certain gear changes etc. As INGY said, you do not have to replace the whole trans.....essentially just a rebuild mainly of the synchro's and any damaged gears if any as a result of grinding. This is more than likely your problem, there is not a lot to go wrong with a manual trans that is not abused. At 180K you are probably dealing with bad synchro's. Do some research and perhaps you can find another gearbox from a junked car or can have your rebuilt. Good luck with it. Let us know, we love followup. :thumbs:

posted by  cmeseadoin

How about instead of just complaining all the time and turning things into a hostile argument over nothing, you just skip to the part where you actually give a helping hand? Ever tried that? No, I guess not. I gave him a hand in a way that I thought would be convenient for him, but if that's not good enough for you, then don't complain about it because it's not YOU asking for help, it's HIM. If he doesn't get it even after seeing the site, then I would gladly step in and help out a bit more, but I guess you just want to complain whenever you feel like it and dismiss anyone's methods of giving a helping hand. Apparently, people need to go through your own personal standards of offering help before being able to post anything without having to listen/read to your bickering and constant disapproval of assistance being given. So how about I PM you every single time I'm willing to offer help before I even bother posting, does that sound fair to you?

posted by  Inygknok

Thanks to both of you, i had a look at howstuffworks, and read and understood the basics of it. twas a good read and cleared up a few things.

i would like to know if its either a clunk or a grinding sound that the shift makes.
Yeah its a grinding sound, hard to change into gear, have to really force it, not overly hard, just with more pressure than the rest.

With beefier sync's do they come along as like performance parts or would it just be better for a first car to get other ones from a junkyard. I was planning on holding this car as long as I can, even for a runaround after i get my second car. just because its economy is awsome. So would it be worth to get "performance" parts in this case?

as for the high clutch, if i replaced the gearbox, would a new clutch system come with it or is classified as a seperate component?

thanks for both of your info!

posted by  Bleaaargh

Instead of going off on a tangent about how I constantly complain, had you read what I said.... I suggested that you just TELL HIM what a synchronizer does on a high level to help him NOW. I have no problem refering him to check howstuffworks.com but you could have simplified it to assist him at present. That is what this site is here for...to help people and he asked a VERY simple question. Anyone with two brains cells and is car-literate can write one sentence that describes what a synchro does and it is NOT hard to do. Then he can check out howstuffworks in his off-time. I only complain and raise hell with people that I don't care for. If you have a problem with that, that's tough sh*t for you now ain't it?

Furthermore, I believe I typed at least 8-10 write ups for folks yesterday in between my busy schedule. How many new postings did you type? I am pretty damn sure the only person I "complained" out was YOUR sorry ass. Get over it.

posted by  cmeseadoin

well good for u if your busy time allows ya to write 8-10 write ups, mine doesnt, how about u get over that? btw, i didnt complain about your write up, i complained about your sappy attitude. also, by making him read that write up, it would be the same as getting him to read the site or John's write up. advantage being, John made a kick ass job at explaning things (as usual), and the site is made easily understandable and with animations to assist, get it? either way he gets the help "NOW". whoop dee doo if he has to spend atleast 10 minutes more going to a site, wow, i bet that must be one great hassle for someone with such a busy schedule.....

anyhow, blea, u are much better off just either replacing the trans with one from a junkyard from a car just like yours but with a MUCH lower mileage, or ordering one outside, or having a mech rebuild yours. if u are planning to use that car as the "beater" car, then nah, dont use the beefed up synchros, just go with originals.

almost forgot, the grinding certainly leads to the synchros wearing out (unless you have really rotten luck, but i highly doubt it). you have atleast a 90% chance of them being the synchros, oh, and dont force the shift, just try to wiggle the stick around. it will get in quite easily without having to use force.

posted by  Inygknok

Well, you gave him the same advise I would have from the technical side as I was waiting to see if you would....but as for your continued feelings that you must defend why you pointed him to howstuffworks.com and write a dissertation on it with each posting, I guess that maybe I need to lower myself and type it in ebonics and with abbreviated gramatical style for you to get it. I NEVER SAID HOWSTUFFWORKS.COM WAS A BAD SUGGESTION AT ALL!!! Do you GET THAT? I simply stated in MY first posting on this matter (the third actual posting) that you could have just SIMPLY explained a synchronizer to him.

Here's what you could have said: "A synchronizer makes it possible for a shift change while numerous parts are moving and spinning inside the transmission while the vehicle is in motion." ONE SENTENCE...GET THAT???? Then he can check out howstuffworks.com when he has time and doesn't need to go there RIGHT NOW to understand the rest of your posting. I love HSW.com because it is a great site and very well put together. I have used it many times in the past even for non-automotive subject matter. You seem to have a mental block that I am saying that was a stupid idea to refer him there when in fact, ALL I said was that you could have SIMPLY told him that ONE SENTENCE to explain it. If you don't have the ten seconds it takes to think that up and then type it, I feel as if you might not really need to spend your precious time on here in the first place. I hope you finally get it after this is now the THIRD time I have made the same point, each time with you coming back trying to defend why you did it when that was never in question to begin with. Maybe now for the third time, you'll get the point and not feel the need to argue the point again.

As for my sappy attitude, well if that is what you think, have at it. I am a VERY straightforward person in real life JUST like I am on here. I never sit there and delude anyone and if I don't like you or think you are full of sh*t, I'll tell ya straight up. If you need to have things more dumbed down to the lowest common denominator like many people seem to thrive on, then I guess you had just better not associate with me because I dont partake in that bullsh*t. I have been sappy with a few on here and several have tried to turn it on me like you do and has anything changed??? NOPE.....and you know something, not for nothing, but no one pays me to come on here and help people....so therefore, if I think someone is voluntarily clueless or moronic, I'll call it out. I am more than happy to assist people like Blea who have a clue and the desire to also help themselves as well as when I have the knowledge to, but if I choose not to do it the way you want it nor with the attitude you desire, that is tough sh*t for you. You can take the help or leave it.

posted by  cmeseadoin

Sounds like the dude needs a synchronizer or a rebuilt tranny. Did the original question get answered?

posted by  tbaxleyjr

yeah, I think we got that far.

posted by  cmeseadoin

should be answered unless lady luck is not shining her light on him and there is something else wrong.

posted by  Inygknok

lol yeah I dare to say you guys have got it right. Im just looking around for junkyards around here & seeing prices atm. probably get it all together by end of next month.

posted by  Bleaaargh

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