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The Nissan has had starter problems replaced several and flywheel.Everythings been great. Started it up yesterday. It dies and smoke rolls out(burnt wires). OK Today I put in a remote switch to the starter still nothing. Is it the solenoid that fried? Its an 87 4 cyl king cab pickup.

posted by  jonathan

I think it could be stater again.! Gas gauge works though?

posted by  jonathan

First of all, your problem description sucks and you don't provide ANY detail nor problem specifications, then you state that smoke rolls out and dont bother to state where from???? Are we to assume from the starter area???? Afterall, you just finished saying it fired up then it died and smoke rolled out? What the F*CK does that mean? Now you think it is the starter because the engine shut off with smoke "rolling out"??????? What in the hell are you talking about? What's this "remote switch you have installed???? Auto start???? How do you expect me to know and do you think MAYBE that information MIGHT be a little important to figuring out your problem???? From the sound of it thus far, here's what you have done......Not knowing WHAT you are doing of course, you have crossed a bunch of wires, shorted a bunch of shit, and now you have a massive electrical problem. Sorry dude, that is the best I can come up with based off the poorly written and incoherrent problem description that you posted for those of us with more of a clue to read. You and George W. Bush have the same things in don't think, you can't speak nor construst a cohesive sentence, and come across as dumb as sh*t. I'm sorry, but I cannot stand people that are so STUPID as to think they can come in here and get help when you type SH*T like that describing your problem. You need a check-up from the neck-up if you think you'll get some stellar auto advise from that garbage. Notice how you posted this YESTERDAY and I am the first response!!! Any conclusions you might draw from that?

Here is what you need to do if you expect this forum to provide you a service with your problems from here on out: STOP!!!! Think about WHAT your problem is and then how to VERBALIZE it in writting so that the rest of us that do know what we are doing and how to read english can read it and comprehend what you are talking about. THEN and ONLY then might we be on the road to helping you out.

If anyone that reads this knows how a starter can cause a gasoline engine to power down and die, with smoke "rolling out," please let me know. I have been working on cars for a while and I have yet to see it.

posted by  cmeseadoin

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