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Recently bought a 91 Geo Metro convertible. Everything works except the blinkers--neither side. Checked the bulbs--all working. Replaced the fuse (even though OK). Replaced the flasher. Took it to a body repair friend who checked the Hazard lights and said they were working and fine, so it must be the switch since the Hazards are on the same circuit. Is this true? The manual isn't giving me any schematics. Know anywhere to get schematics on the web? The signal lever clicks and sounds like it's connecting (it will even turn off once I've turned), but there's no blinking! :banghead: Any suggestions what else this could be? Any suggestions how to replace signal on steering column?

posted by  naomij

It sounds like the switch to me too. It will turn off after going around a corner because the signal cancel function is mechanical and not electrical. If the flasher is, ok, fuses are fine, bulbs check and the wiring is ok, you more than likely have a bad signal stalk(switch). I am not sure how that column comes apart.....if you're at all mechanically inclined, pull off the column cover and start looking at it and you should be able to figure it out. Unless there is a wiring problem or short somewhere, you probably do have a bad switch. Do the green indicators on the dash flash with the signal switch engaged??

posted by  cmeseadoin

I have TWO Geo convertibles with exactly the same problem. If you found a solution. PLEASE email me at

posted by  Scamp123

...Something tells me they're not coming back :doh:

posted by  chris_knows

You may want to check your brake lights as well. I had the same problem w/ my 95 GS. Only w/ mine the brake lights would not work either. Replaced the turn signal switch (which was a pain, air bag and all) and all works fine now. :mrgreen:

Edit: I didn't realize how long ago this was started.

posted by  Lizard King 6B

easy fix, blinker fluid is low

posted by  adamc44

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