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Hello everyone....this is my first post so be nice. well i have a 1994 suzuki sidekick 1.6 litre 5 speed, and when i start it up from cold something squeels under the hood and im not too sure what it is....ive changed fan belts, and it still persists. it does this until i get driving down the road and shift into 2nd gear....then it goes away. any ideas what it could be?? any help would be greatly appreciated.thanks!

posted by  s-10-fanatic

would be nice if u could introduce urself too in the introduction section...

anyhow, on to the case. umm, it could be many sorts of squealing sounds, mainly as many things can squeal inside the engine. wether its a belt set too tight, or maybe some odd air leak, maybe even a dying alternator.

does the squealing keep happening as soon as u go back to neutral or 1st gear, or is it only when the car is cold? also, from around where does the squeal come from? is it always as soon as u shift into 2nd or does it sometimes even keep going on 2nd gear?

posted by  Inygknok

If it's really loud and embarrassing, it could be your timing belt about to slip. How many miles do you have on your car?

It might be something minor like a belt needing some lube.

posted by  What

Sorry guys. i will be sure to introduce myself after i post this reply. but anyways, the car has 210,000 kilometers on it. The sound comes from the front of the engine somewhere but it is hard to tell exactly because it only happens when i give it some gas. and since i live on my own, nobody is around to give it gas while i watch to see where it is coming from. and it only makes that sound when it is cold, and yes the odd time it will carry on over to second gear...but it depends how many RPM's i take it up to in 1st gear. Thanks alot guys :D

posted by  s-10-fanatic

You should have all of your belts checked, especially your timing belt. If your timing belt fails while driving, your car is FUCKED.

But it sounds like you have a loose belt in there somewhere. It's not your fan belt, because your fan doesn't operate all the time.

I repeat, check your drive belts.

posted by  What

u dont need someone else to give it gas.... u can do that by urself by opening the throttle body.

and yea, it does really sound like a belt or the alternator. belts mostly keep on squealing even when warm most of the time, but its still worth it to check those.

posted by  Inygknok

Open hood, turn throttle plate where the accelerator linkage connects to the throttle area. This will simulate foot on pedal action. Then go from there with the suggested.

posted by  cmeseadoin

i had the same problem on my old 87 civic... i had no idea what it was, i would turn the car on, and this ugly squeels comes out of the engine, but after i rev it up a bit it would go away, or after a couple minutes leaving it on idle... i dont know if its the same problem, but i finaly got it checked out one day, and it happened to be the timing belt giving up...

posted by  Ki2AY

ok, i will check the timing belt...i never thought about that. thanks for the help guys :thumbs:

posted by  s-10-fanatic

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