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Hi All,

I'm new on this site and was wondering if anyone could help. I've got a Rover 416i and its head gasket has been changed and now its overheating, I've checked the cooling system and it seems to be fine, also the water pump and thermostat is ok but its still overheating :banghead: . I just wanted to know that if the head is not screwed on at the right torque setting then would that make any difference of the flow of the water in the engine? My utmost gratitude to whoever can help. :thumbs:

Kind Regards...

posted by  Gurpedro

Nope, not likely at all. If all else is fine though as far as hoses and fluid levels as well as water pump and thermostat and no air in the lines, you might have to pull that head back off and see what is going on. Did it just start screwing up after the head gasket was replaced? Did you do the job or did someone else. It has not been right since? Hmm, awful coincidence. Unless there is something I am not aware of, it might have to all come back apart if everything is hooked up and working correctly otherwise.

posted by  cmeseadoin

Hi , well if you had to change a head gasket,WHY and if you replaced the gasket what made it go bad to start with ? overheating ? good luck Slim :screwy:

posted by  Slimone

Head gasket failure is a very common problem with K series engines. Was the head checked, to make sure it wasn't warped? It may have need a skim. Also, I think you have to change the bolts on this engine when you replace the gasket (I'm fairly sure they're stretch bolts that deform slightly when you torque them up, so you can't use them twice. I'd double-check with a phone-call to a dealership, though).

I've heard that there's a new design of head gasket that works a lot better, but I'm not sure where it's available from. However, doing a search for 'k series head gasket' on Google will pull up a lot of results! If you're pulling the head again, you also need to check that the bottom end is sound: your problem could also be caused by porous/warped bores, which isn't unheard of with this engine.

I'm not sure if it affects the 416, but I know for some models there is a specific filling procedure that reduces the chances of an airlock. This can cause overheating, but it may only affect the MGF: I'm not sure.

posted by  heebee

Thank you everyone that replied, I'm a novice at fixing cars but I'm still young and learning. The head and everything was put on correctly and the bolts didn't need changing because they were the new ones that don't stretch. The problem was that the head wasn't skimmed before it was put on, something to do with the pressure but I'm sure that someone with greater knowledge could put the two together. I did introduce myself and I'm not bringing no attitude and all information that I give is 100% genuine.

Kind regards, :thumbs:

posted by  Gurpedro

HI Gurpedro

I believe you!
I'd try the thermostat and do a rad flush two make sure that system is clean.
I'm no mechanic either and if I was one I wouldn't bring attitude into the equation (with no incesserity and no initial condensension) because someone was raised that way, it was the zeitgeist of the day or have farther issues...
I'm finding, speaking of beligerant help, that many people on this continent are defensive. Most of this is due to communication problems... Farther these people who aren't in jail or on a battlefield speaking of true warriors (not that wanna-be ruffian behavior is a good thing.)

To the critics out there. Ask questions first then shoot. Or don't bring "bad advice" to a help thread.

Have a beer, spank it or get therapy etc...


ps Cool rovers... They used to sell them here in Canada years ago.

posted by  Dan_Solo

Hi Gurpedro,

If 'pressure' was mentioned, it sounds like the head has been skimmed before, and won't take another one (this would raise the compression ratio too high). You might be able to get a head from a breakers, though.

Are all the hoses in good condition, too? Is the water pump OK? Is their any 'mayonaise' in the oil or water (if hot oil and water mix, you get a thick, creamy gloop appearing in either system).

posted by  heebee

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