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can a 2003 pontiac sunfire(all stock) pull a 4 by 8foot trailer with a 324lb 4 wheeler on it? will it hurt it at all

posted by  john_07

What engine do you have, what transmission? What does the owner's manual say about towing? I have a 96 pontiac grand am with the 2.4 dohc and 4 spd auto and I pull ~ a 130lb trailer and a 600 pound jet ski with it no problem. What you have to worry with is that those cars were not made for towing and ESP if they have the auto like mine, you don't have an aux. trans. cooler. Something as small as a jet ski though should not stress it too much and I have had no problems. As far as your three wheeler, I'd read the manual, mine addresses towing. I figure towing a jet ski with my GrandAm is like loading the car down with me as the driver, and three lard assed women about 250 a pop. :laughing: I'll take my chances! :orglaugh:

posted by  cmeseadoin

no it should not hurt your car. and i agree with cmeseadoin's reply.....it would just be like loading your car up with a bunch of stuff. just make sure your trailer hitch is properly installed so that you are towing from the frame and not just the bumper. the fourwheeler might make the car work a little on some of the bigger hills but just make sure that if your car has overdrive in it....never tow a trailer in overdrive....always use drive. overdrive will do way too much shifting when your towing a trailer because it is meant for highway driving or leisure travel...not for any sort of labour...so always use drive when towing a trailer. if you do this then you should be just fine. :thumbs:

posted by  s-10-fanatic

Yep, I always tow my jet ski in 3rd gear and not DRIVE so that it will not shift into overdrive. This way it stays in third and DOES still allow the torque converter to lock in, but you are running less stress to the transmission and illeviating all that superfalous shifting in and out of fourth.

posted by  cmeseadoin

my mom called the dealer ship and they said dont try it what jerks

posted by  john_07

Your owners manual will provide you with weight limits for towing stuff with the car.

posted by  tbaxleyjr

I would think a 4 wheeler would be ok. Just don't over-stress the car. Those dealers, they are typically full of idiots most of the time that don't know jack at the service writers level. I never listen to those morons because they think that since they are the liason btwn the customer and the technician, that they "know" about cars. You're mom probably did NOT speak to a technician. If you have the same driveline in yours that I have in that 96 Grand Mm which I think you do....then I do it and I have ZERO issues. You just might have to have a hitch made for the car like I did. I had hidden hitch make one for me...they have a pattent on one for that car, but since there is not much demand they have to pull out the design plans and have their shops build it then ship it, then I installed it.

posted by  cmeseadoin

Just make sure your transmission is up to spec before you tow a load. Those cars need their auto trans fluid changed at 50,000 miles so make sure that's up to date before you go out and put stress on the unit.

posted by  KNTRDR

Or if anything, get a tune up if your scared of a not enough power type of thing, other then that it should be able to pull it.

posted by  Hummer H1

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