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We got the car on a nice cool day, and a few months past untell it got real hot out.. Tryed to turn the a/c on and nothin happened, only warm air came threw the air vents... whats the problem??

posted by  Mustang90210

First of all bud, I hope you have introduced yourself in the appropriate section, because you really can't expect help from people who don't know you at all. Second of all, a car's air conditioning system is a very complicated system. There could be any number of things causing it to malfunction. You'd better be prepared to do some self-diagnosing. And bend over backwards to make the people who do end up helping you feel appreciated. GOOD LUCK! :screwy:

posted by  93GrandAm

I did introduced my self..

posted by  Mustang90210

Well, what probubly happened was that the cooling that should be coming threw, isnt going because theres something either jamed or theres a leak some where. I kno what your going threw, i had a 96' intrepid a while back, my heating broke in the winter time, and um there was some leaking and once that was fixed i was hot again.. so um im guessing its a leak, it shouldnt be too serious

posted by  Hummer H1

My mom and I are thinking small things first, were getting a new Fuse tomorrow for it.. if that dont work, at least the fuse isent broke.

posted by  Mustang90210

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