86 BMW 528E leaking fluid/making noise

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My son has an 86 BMW 528E that makes a noise when the wheels are turned either to the right or left. It is also leaking some sort of fluid while the wheels are turned. When the car is jacked up, leaving both front wheels off the ground, there is no fluid loss nor a noise made. Any ideas?

posted by  amwhitt1

need to know wat type of sound it is, but it seems like its the power steering. the fluid is most probably the PS fluid, since it leaks and sounds while the wheels get turned and never else.

it could be either a broken line, or a broken PS pump. have them looked at.

posted by  Inygknok

It's a grinding noise.

posted by  amwhitt1

What color is the fluid?

posted by  Mustang90210

The grinding noise could be the Rack & Pinion..

posted by  Mustang90210

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