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Hi, I am doing some front end work on my 91' Accord and I need some advice. I wanted to change the ball joints as the boots are ripped and I suspect that the ones on there now are the originals. As per the Hanes Manual, I totaly dissasembled the front end to remove the steering knuckle so that I could take it to a shop to have them press out the ball joint. Later I took the knuckle to a friend to ask him if he knew of a way that I could do it myself. He said that I would need a ball joint press which I could borrow from a local autoparts store. I did that brought it home and then realized that there is not enough clearance bet. the rotor and the ball joint to fit the press in. On my car the hub and rotor come apart as an assembly and I think that now I might have to pull or press off the hub too. The Hanes manual is not to specific (and it usually never is). I think that I can borrow the tools that I need for the hub too but I was wondering if maybe I should just have a shop do it. Is this a job that I can do myself or is some thing that I should maybe have a shop do? If you think that a shop should do it how much di you think they will charge to press ot the balljoint and possibly the hub to. I need to do this on both sides. As you can probably tell I don't mind spending time in the garage so keep that in mind. Thanks in advance.

posted by  wizzyb82

I don't mind working on my 1990 Honda either, but jeez! I have been working on cars since I was 16, and I am now one year removed from completing my BS. When the Haynes manual says to remove the knuckles and take them to the shop because it needs "special tools and expertise" (section 10-4 in your manual) and won't describe the tools necessary or how you should use them, you need to take them to the shop or bring a qualified mechanic and all of his or her tools home with you. I have no idea what it is going to cost, but its gonna be cheaper than screwing it up yourself. (says the voice of experience)

posted by  cheezysweet

Hey Whizzy

I got the ball joints just done on my car as well. Good luck with the tool thing. I got a mechanic to do it so I can't really advise you that way. The work wasn't expensive anyhow. Just shop around for a good mechanic and the parts is what I'd advise.

If I could add, try to make sure that the mechanic or you don't reef on the seals. My car now sounds like a model-t usually when its dry weather for a few days and it's bumpy. I tryed lubing the seals etc to no avail. Either the system is over torqued or the aftermarket parts aren't exactly in spec.

Good luck (you've probably figured this out by now....)


posted by  Dan_Solo

I asked around at the local parts stores and they all told me to find a mechanic who would do it resonably. I called around to a number of places and found a guy that would do it for $50 I don't know if that was too much but it was still cheaper than having a mechanic do the whole thing.Thanks.

posted by  wizzyb82

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