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To start things off this is my wife's car 92 Accord Automatic which has been taken care of very well. The problems with this car started with it not starting in HOT weather. We where told it was the ignition swith that needed replacing. Replaced that and trouble went away then started again couple weeks later. Took it to a local garge that has worked on the car before and they said that the igniter in the distributor is going. We have now replaced the distributor, Cap and wires. The car will run fine then it will all of a sudden you will see the RPM's drop to zero and then go back to normal while driving. Dosen't feel like the car stalls though. But only has happened once in a while. Ever time I take it to the garge to get them to look at this it never acts up. Wondering what else I can do to fix this problem. Car has @ 200 000 K's


posted by  lttlbrch

is the check engine light on? If so, what trouble codes are being read?

posted by  tbaxleyjr

There is NO check engine light on. I have now replaced the feul pump for one day it broke down while driving and was able to check for I had another person with me. So I have now replaced the distributor,cap and wires, fuel pump, fuel filter, and ignition modual.. Car will start at times and while driving it it will stall out..

Need help please..

posted by  lttlbrch

Just went through this exact thing. Car would intermittently not start - when warm outside. My local mechanic and I tried a few things (he too was thinking distributor problem). What solved the problem was replacing the Electronic Fuel Injection relay. He tells me that as it fails it is sensitive to temperature . I'm in in the middle of a two-week test drive to make sure it solves the problem, but so far so good....

Now all I have to do is figure out why the Brake and ABS lights come on - another new one.


posted by  ChasD

Another possibility is the ignition coil....they are very sensitive to heat, I am not at work so I cannot look it up, but is the coil externally mounted or inside the distributor cap?? Most of the early Accords that we have with the same systems as yours is remedied by a new igniter (tho' this didn't solve your problem :ohcrap: ) If the above fix didn't work, then perhaps you can get your tech to do a test on the resistance of the coil when hot. Good luck :mrgreen:

posted by  Gomez85

It is the relay I had the same problem and fixed it easy once I figured it out (has worked on a few friends cars too). The relay is called the "main Relay" RZ-0088 , it is actually the main fuel pump relay which fails in hot weather. It is located inside the cabin on the drivers side above the ecu (where the fuse box is) it takes about 10 minutes to replace and cost about $60.00 at the dealer.

As far as the abs light check the abs actulater it probably has a leak and needs to be replaced.

posted by  spurrierfan

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