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Help! We bought a 1998 Spyder last November. In January with only 50K miles on the engine, it overheated causing the engine to melt and the pistons to seize up (according to the shop they said my son ran the engine out of oil and heated up the motor until it melted). They rebuilt the engine and $3200 later, we picked up the car. The shop now said that the cause was the water pump and not my son. The next day, the engine light came on. I took it back to the shop and they said it was a bad 02 sensor because water had gotten into the engine. $200 later, we picked up the car but then parked the car for 3 months while my son was away. The first time, he drove it to the car wash, it started making a clicking noise. So we took it back to the shop. They accused us of driving it without oil (not true again , it was full as we checked) but they rebuilt the engine at their cost. Now, they told us the breakdown was because the turbo is bad and needs replaced. We drove the car home( but it did not make it--it broke down on the way) Help--are they on the up and up?

posted by  Sher

My advice to you is to sell that car. Tell the customer that nothing was wrong with or else you won't get rid of it. You have to LIE!!

I own a 99' GSX, and I have to say that the temperture gauge is easy to see. Go slap your son for not noticing the temp light....then make HIM lie so that he is the one that goes to hell.

I had heat issues with my car also, but it was because my cooling fan wasn't working, and because I had a hole in a radiator hose. Two simple fixes.

Seriously though, your car will never be the same. It's hard to rebuild a "melted" engine. Sounds like your mechanic is screwing you.

Has your door handles broken off yet? Both of mine have.

posted by  What

:banghead: yes, I agree sell! But we had to put in a new battery before we could drive it home today and now it won't even start! The mechanic says he will not work on the engine again if we do not replace the turbo--my question is--can we take out or disconnect a turbo system in this car?

posted by  Sher

yea u can take out the turbo, but u would need to buy the headers from an NA eclipse so u can take out the turbo manifold, the turbo itself, and the intercooler. u could either replace the engine with a 1G or yea, sell the car.

anyhow, the whole temp problem really got me curious..... i would have had a look at the radiator and all the hoses before ever even bothering with anything else. also with the thermostat and make sure that the fans are working just fine. the oil may have been full, but was the car receiving regular oil maintanance? was it using the proper oil and not cheap gas station oil? was the right water/coolant mix being used? there are many things that could have caused this meltdown....

and yea, that mechanic is one lying bastard.

posted by  Inygknok

This sounds like a faulty oil pump. An engine that melted down due to a faulty oil pump will show the same symptoms as an engine that melted down due to "riding without oil", since both neglect to properly oil the engine.

But maybe something else is causing your engine to lose oil pressure. When was the last time you changed your oil filter?

If you can't sell the car, burn it and get the insurance.

posted by  What

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