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Hi everyone!

I have a 91 civic that when idleing and given a little bit of gas, the rpms will bounce up and down about 400 rpm if i remember right. I've seen a thread on here already about that, but i dont quite understand what the concensus "fix" was. What are your thoughts?

Also (and this is the bigger problem), when in gear and i give the car a little bit of gas, the car at first doesnt move for a bit then all the sudden it lurches forward. The same happens when taking your foot off the gas. Its a smooth decceleration until the gas pedal gets almost all the way out, and then its like the engine stops completely and the car slows down dramatically and you bounce forward in your seat from the drop off in power. Its a pain in the butt when driving around a parking lot in second gear, cause if you only use the gas you will bounce yourself around like crazy going from drifting speed to regular parking lot speed ( i get a bounce accelerating and a bounce slowing down, and that happens a lot in a parking lot). I end up having to use the clutch to even out the dramatic changes in power.

I dont know if that makes sense, nor do i know what to call it... hesitation?... something else?
I've recently ran engine and carb cleaner liquid through the engine. I've replaced spark plugs, and the spark rotor cap thingy. Nothing that helped these two problems.

Could both my problems be related? Is something wrong with the throttle cable and if so, how might i fix it?

Thanx for any help!

posted by  ReknapS

do you have a check engine light on?

posted by  tbaxleyjr

No, no lights come on.
I've been told that the Throttle position sensor might be bad... But those are nearly impossible to replace on my car (told to me by same person)... What do you think of that? Any other ideas?

posted by  ReknapS

I've seen the bump at acceleration before in a manual, thank god that wasn't my car. It had a vacuum leak. It would sit there, then suddenly take off. I'm not so sure though due to the problems you are having after the car is already moving. The vacuum leak can be diagnosed through a compression test.

posted by  cheezysweet

Simpler method is to check hoses first. Then spray carb cleaner or oil around intake manifold gasket, fuel injector o-rings, throttle body gaskets until engine idle changes

posted by  tbaxleyjr

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