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Help I just bought this Neon off some chick for 1200 bucks runs great
but hard as hell dto get into reverse its a 5 speed manul trany . it will go in reverse but sometimes takes me like 15 minuts to get it into reverse

thanks all

posted by  Condo

don't ask me exactly how to correct it cause I will admit I don't know...Could be a shift linkage or it could be a bad tranny or it could be the gears need to be realigned...If you aren't mechanically inclined I'd take it to a mechanic and let them check it out...If you a Haynes Manual...It has trouble shooting section and also a section on rebuilding transmissions and aligning the linkages...Is this a shift lever on the floor or on the Steering Column as that can make a difference as to what is wrong with it...Other than that I have no further advice...except when it starts to have problems (serious ones) to sell it and get rid of it before sinking big bucks into...(My mom had a 97 Neon which she sunk butt loads of dough into only to have to get rid of it and sell it for parts as after having 3 engine jobs done on it the car just never ran the same..not to mention the dealership told her that the car was only built to run for 90,000 miles)...oh could also be something in the clutch plate...Transmissions are very complicated and that is why I don't repair my own...Sorry If I wasn't of very much help...but definitely go buy the Haynes Manual and take a look at it...You may be able to find your problem in there and I could be wrong...ItsMe...

NEON: Never Ever Own Neons...told to my Mom by a Tow Truck Driver who had come to tow her car to the shop..

posted by  ItsMe

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