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Okay, so my 1990 Honda Accord LX had a bad winter. Poor thing, it just did not like that month of sub zero weather I made it drive in. One day, during that month, and shortly after I had added some 20/10 non-freezing washer fluid, the nozzel aimed at the passenger side of the window stopped working. I figured when it thawed that the nozzel would start working again, and it a dribble (there doesn't appear to be blockage in the nozzel). The other nozzel has a weaker spray now too. I checked the hoses, and they are not leaking. They appear to be in good condition as they are soft. I cannot find information in my Haynes manual or online on how to fix this. I do not have the origional manual since I bought the car used. I'd rather not have to rip the hoses out and replace them if there is some other solution. If it makes a difference, the hoses run from the drivers side of the hood, the nozzels are set in the hood.

posted by  cheezysweet

Well I would stick a needle or something like that into the nozzle just to see if there is anything in there, otherwise I think you have to take off the hose and clean it out or replace it

posted by  GR4VD1GRB1LL

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