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me and my fiance are lookign to buy a 97 cherokee w 75k miles on it and 4 wd all power everything is there any problems we need to know about that this car is prone to and what should be done at 100k miles to it ? we are hitting are heads against the wall about this
thanks for your help
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posted by  motherof1

Alrigth well, some problems, your electrical will go out after a little bit, you'll need alot of diffrent oil changings, oh and ull start to lose power after a little bit if you always use the power for the car, my uncle had a 98, just before the new 99 brand, the car's motor will hang on, but alot of stuff just dies, and for a 97, 75K miles is bad, i suggest you get a 99, they look better and they are stronger, if you get rear ended your whole bumper and back of the jeep will colapse cuz my uncles jeep got rear ended and he had to get almost everyhting new off the back, new tail lights, new bumper, new trunk, so on. So as a suggestion, get some things that will power it up, you can get a cat back system um, a super chip thing, oh, and the tires will start to make noises after like a year, they have bad tires. <-- all from experience of my uncles car :) i hope i helped

posted by  Hummer H1

you never mentioned the price.

posted by  Ki2AY

My husband and I just bought a 96 grand cherokee with 99k miles on it in Oct. We have had problems with the catalytic converter and the alarm system. I know for sure our car did not come with a new battery so the battery had to be replaced. We also had to change a hose for the coolant (I think). Anyway the car did not seem to be well maintained before we got it but my husband bought an owners manual for the book and we have begun maintaining it based on the schedule in the book (advice I got from this forum). As far as the rear ending part goes, I don't know. On my daughters graduation while sitting at a light, we got rear ended by someone whose brakes just gave way. We had little damage to the bumper (really just a few scratches( while the front of his car was smashed in really good. We just bought new tires for the car because we are planning a trip to florida and did not know how well are tires were (as far as balding and things). Just to let you know when my husband and I were deciding whether to buy the car or not we looked at different sites that rated the car. What we got was mostly opinions based on different people's experiences. Some rated the jeep excellent while others rated it horribly. I guess the same thing will happen with you on your journey for your decision. My suggestion is to try to get someone who knows about cars to inspect the car before buying it if you can. My husband and I didn't and after the transaction was made we had it inspected and found that we had to get the new catalytic converter which jeep charged 850 to change. Also I forgot to mention the cd player in mine is no good but I doubt that is a serious flaw with jeeps. Good luck in whatever you decide to do. :wink2:

posted by  vniles100

see, bad idea, tires, engine, and alot of body damage if you get hit. Its a nice peice of ride, but it sucks in conditiions now a days, u wont find one with out some sort of a problem. So with that advice, tell me the price of the jeep and um if you can, get a 99-and higher, they have better ratings and they wouldnt brake down on you as fast.

posted by  Hummer H1

Wow H1 that was very informative :screwy: . Anyways I have a 95 Grnad Cherokee and my parents recently sold their 96 Grand Cherokee. 2 key things, first, the transmission on Jeeps prioir to 99 tends to be iffy. I had mine replace at 88,000 and my parents sold theirs but the trans was going out on it as well. Other than that I would not get the inline 6 (the 4.0 L) it is just underpowered and does not last as well as the v8 offered. Other than that the car is very sound and sturdy. Unfortunatly Jeeps have been in a slump from 96-to present. Consumer reports has multiple cases of the car being a bit of a handful and not very reliable.

posted by  Voda48

ummm.....I used tooown a 1995 Jeep GC 4.0L I drove it tell 2001 when i went into somebodys house in it...I had few problems with it such as the back doors where open with your hands . all windows come down and up by their own mood...the A/C costed me around 1000$ to fix , the glass of the head lights fall down while am in the desert, the electirc chairs only move Forwered and backwred " with a push by my hands",leack in the fuel form the injectors, the trans. shifts from 1st to 3rd without even pressing the badel...but it ran almost 280,000KM on the ODO...even am driving a 2004 trilblazer but still i miss that car soome times :ohcrap:

posted by  khalil007

it is 6.5

posted by  motherof1

Ok, mother, if you want me to tell it like this tehn here it is: Generally the grand cherokee like someone else stated before has alot of problems and its a hassile. A V6 would work for you because it's low on gas if your worried about high gas prices. Now a v6 would need more power because the V8 and V6 weigh the same, but v6 doesnt pull it as much as a v8 does. So get something to pull it, um first thing you will need to do is spend at least 5K repairing it. Starting off, check your brakes, motor mileage, transmission, check all your power things, like windows, and so forth. That stuff will get you in the mean time. Also check the tires, if you are riding turn off your radio from time to time, if you hear some kind of repeating noise while ur driving on a good road, that means your tires are bad, either switch the front 2 with the back 2, or get new ones. My dad had to get new ones for his Jeep Cherokee, (not grand) because he likes to slam the gas and speed threw every snow pile you can give him with the car. Its just like that because the front 2 tires are the ones that turn, so those are the usually ones with the most wear, if you change 1 tire, change them all. Oh, and make sure you check for oil leaks, it will cost you. So if you have lets say a 10 grand buget, your car is not for you, as you will see, it will cost more then 5 grand to fix the car. If anything, get a dogde intrepid, they are low priced and reliable.

posted by  Hummer H1

Many of the opinions that you are getting here are based on one person who has owned one Jeep. Many of them may have been bought used and their the treatment of the previous owners may not have been satisfactory. I have foun that the best way to find aout about a cars overall performance wite unseen is to look at consumer reports (the magazine, availiable at most if not all bookstores). The get tons of opinions just like the ones that you have recieved here and make an average assesments of the vehicle's attributes and shortcomings. They have like about nine or ten different areas of performance that they rate. Check the most recent addition of CR first and then it sometimes interesting to look at back issues. Never trust the issue from the same model year as your car. Sionce the Jeep that your looking into is a '97 there should be quite a bit of data on it. Also, unless the seller is someone that you really trust it may be worthwhile to purchase a one year subscription to carfax ( for about $20. You can then submit to them the VIN (vehicle identification number) numbers and they can tell you how many owners the car has had, if there has been any mileage fraud, or if the car has ever had a salvage title (meaning that it was in wrek and some took it out and made it look nice so that they can sell it even thought the car really insn't road worthy). The last thing that you sould do is to have a mechanic look it over to make sure that there is nothing obviously wrong. He'll look under the hood under the car around the wheels and at basically anything that he can see without taking the car apart and let you know if there are any major mechanical malfunctions. Make sure that the mechanic is a guy that you can trust. If the sellers won't allow you to take the car in you can assume that the car has a number of problems that the sellers don't want you to know about. The way a car runs is not the only indicator of the condition that it is in. If they don't let you see a mechanic I wouldn't think twice about that car and I would be greatful that I was able stay away from it. Buying a used car is always tricky but take your tim and play smart. Good Luck.

posted by  wizzyb82

[QUOTE=wizzyb82] Also, unless the seller is someone that you really trust it may be worthwhile to purchase a one year subscription to carfax ( for about $20. You can then submit to them the VIN (vehicle identification number) numbers and they can tell you how many owners the car has had, if there has been any mileage fraud, or if the car has ever had a salvage title (meaning that it was in wrek and some took it out and made it look nice so that they can sell it even thought the car really insn't road worthy). QUOTE]

I too was going to mention carfax. We used carfax before buying our car and knew that generally had no major issues such as mile rollback and/or major wrecks. What carfax does not tell you though is how the previous owners maintained the car. Although maintaining your car well does not guarantee no break downs not maintaining I am sure helps it break down quicker. I suggest just like wizzyb82 see if you can get it looked at first. I have put about 3k dollars into my car so far and am not yet done. I don't know if this is a Jeep problem or just a used car problem. In other words I don't know if I got a differrent used car if I would have had to put so much money into that car too. It is good to see though that you are not just buying a car lightly. So many people I know buy a car because it looks good or because it runs fast and they don't really know anything else about the reliability of the car.

posted by  vniles100

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