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It's a two door manual transmission. Here goes: The other day I got into the car after a 30 minute stop. It was totally dead. I got a jump and let her run for a little bit. During this time the battery light came on, as well as the check engine light. I got a new battery, put it in, tried to start it and got absolutely nothing but the door chimes. I switched out the horn fuse with the ignition fuse and it started up fine. I drove it for a couple minutes, turned it off and when I tried to turn it back on I get nothing at all. I'm not sure what to do now and the car is totally dead. It's like it doesn't have any power at all. Could this be an ignition switch problem? Any help/advice will be greatly appreciated.

posted by  superspook

I had similar problem and was thinking of getting rid of this car. Suddenly I thought I should try Dodge Authorized dealer. I showed my car to mechanic and he said nothing is wrong but loose connection on bettery for -ive terminal.
Once he tighten the connections on bettery its working fine. I hope this will help.

posted by  kumarfromva

Yes for some reason the Neon have a tendancy to not start without absolutely clean and tight connections on the battery.

posted by  srober32

my buddy has a 95 had a bad positive cable green corrosion inside the cable casing at the terminal 1/2 the cable was gone inside

posted by  osborste

chrysler has had all kind of wiring problems.keep in mind that if the voltage drops to 9 volts,items will draw 30 % more current and pop fuses.have the terminals looked at and measure across the battery cable,if there is more than a 1/4
volt drop,replace it ,its probably no good inside.it will supply enough to run a radio or lights,but not 200 amps to start the car.

posted by  the lobster

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