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So I bought a beater, Ran great, But got into mild accident while following Friend home. Now I found out that I have a leaky lower intake gasket. Don't know anymore but that. I sometimes leak fluid, I couldn't identify it as coolant but Precision Tune said that was it. They quoted $350 to fix it. At this point It would be better to just sell it than put another $350 into it.

With all my problems I havent been able to take an emissions test and get tags

It's a 91 Mecury Sable LS Wagon. 3.8L. This car has a ford 3.8l motor that is known for overheating and blown headgaskets. Lucky me huh?

So far heres what ive done

1: Cracked Radiator, About $150 in parts and nick nacks(My labor)
2: Shattered Bulb in Headlight, $20
3: 2Ton Jack + 2x2TStands + 4way tire iron $50

I thought that was it. But you know how beaters are.
4: Four Tires, $154 ( Front right tire exploded, got 4 new )
5: New Windshield, $160 (Bought the car with it cracked, Should never listen to family when they suggest how much it cost to have a car repaired, 50 dollars my a$$ )
6: Fuse pack $5

After doing all this I noticed the check engine light coming on, The ABS light is on. The airbag light and check oil light come on randomly, door ajar light is on most of the time. Oil level is fine, One Door can't be opened at all(handle does nothing) And the ABS light, well don't care atm.

Today I brought it to precision auto and had a diagnostic+radiator test+fluid leak test. That cost me about $120-150, Add another $120 to replace the problem, A faulty EGR, Then another $100 or so for a engine tuneup.

7: Precision Auto - $354

Did I mentian I only paid $500 for this car? I'm not currently working and no car here = No work.

So what would you reccomend? Could I repair a lower intake gasket myself? Or would I be able to find a better price then $289+Labor+Tax.

Understand I can't just "sell the car and get something better" My family does not help me and I have almost 0 income. I just need a car to go to and from school, and a car to get a job so that I CAN get something better.

posted by  Jubei

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