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hi i just bought a 91 mazda 626 with 88 thousand miles, seems to run good but today driving to work i was trying to find parking drove around block few times all of sudden temp gauge started going up to red, so i parked, water was bubbling, few hours later came out checked radiator, was full, drove home temp stayed pretty normal till i sat for a little while, but got home without temp raising? checked fans noticed there are 2 fans 1 in front of radiator for ac,( turned ac on and off and this one responded) which was working, and 1 behind radiator i guess that ones for cooling radiator? this one does not run at all, could this be my problem? or could it be something else? i appreciate any info you can give me on this,

thank you

posted by  drare

does the overheating occur when the car is crusing or does it happen only when the car is @ idle?

posted by  tbaxleyjr

Yes, it's your fan. If the fan isn't running at all, it's DEFINITELY your fan. As soon as your car gets hot, the fan should come on. Check to see if you have a short in the connection or if the entire fan motor is broken.

posted by  What

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