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My timing chain and tentioners has worn out on my 1993 Olds Achieva w/2.3 SOC automatic. I need to fix this car fast (this weekend) I have looked for a maint. manual and can not find one. What I need is the disassembly info and reassembly info with any pics and advice for doing this job. I have priced the KIT at 164.00 O'Rialy's Auto Parts. Labor looks to be about 8 hrs for me cause I'm semi rusty and I'm getting where I can not see like I use too, but thank god I can still feel. If your older than you know what I'm tlking about. Does anyone have a scaner or info posted that can help me out with this little job? Thanks Jim
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posted by  60timer

I had a similar problem once. The best thing that I can do for you is to tell you to can Oldsmobile and have the customer service dept. get one of their gear heads to look up what you need in the factory service manual and fax it to you. I did this once with chrysler and it only took about ten minutes. Also, I dont' know anything about your car but I thought I would make you aware of this just in case. If your timing chain failed while you were driving the car you will want to find out whether or not your engine is zero clearence or not. if it is zero clearance and the chain failed while driving you may have done damage to the valve train too. Some one once told me that most cars with timing chains are not zero clearence but I dont know how true that is. i thought I would just mention it in case it makes a differnce. Good luck.

posted by  wizzyb82

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