Breaking down over a BRAKEdown

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After successfully installing new pads on all four feet on my daughter's '93 Mazda MX6, I bled both the rear and the front right brake lines with no problem. The left front line is another story. It pushes out nothing but air when the brake peddle is pressed, but when the peddle is released, it sucks back air or fluid left in the bottle, but won't actually bleed the line. Interestingly, the peddle would go to the floorboard when bleeding the other lines, but abruptly stops 2/3s down when I try to bleed the last line. I have gone back and bled the other lines again, and the proceedure works just fine. The front left continues to behave the same way, however. Anybody got any ideas? My daughter will kill me if she can't have her car before the end of the weekend.

posted by  KristensDad

I'm sorry, I have disc brakes, I haven't had too much experience with drum brakes.

posted by  What

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