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my wife finally allowed me to work onthe car & upon taking out a plug my socket and the plugs was dripping with oil!! i know that is a bigger problem , but amist the situation i think i jacked up the wires connecting to the distributer!!! hahaha...i am looking for the firing order for my 92 honda accord, i did replace all the plugs, wires, distributer cap and rotor (she's been driving on 3 cylinders) thanks nickatnite :screwy:

posted by  nickatnite

If the plugs were literaly dripping with oil it doesn't seem all that likely that the oil was coming from a leaky piston ring in the cylinder ( if the cylinder was firing). Besides your wife would have to be trying really hard in order to kill a Honda that was in good condition before she drove it. What I'm getting at is that on the Honda Accord which you and I appearently both own, the valve cover sits right above the spark plugs. Before you write the engine off as needing a total overhaul, check and see if a leaky valve cover gasket isn't the culprit. Sometimes if the valve cover gasket is leaky enough the oil will spill down into the sokets that hold the spark plugs and then even work its way through the threads in the spark plug hole and fould up the plugs. If your lucky the whole problem may just be a $20 gasket. The firing order according to the Hanes manual is 1-3-4-2. If you are looking under the hood from the front of the car, the number 1 cylinder is the farthest to the right and the numbers go in numerical order to the left (so the cyliders would be numbered 4-3-2-1). Hope this helps.

posted by  wizzyb82


I had/have the oil problem as well. A mechanic that was supposed to have fixed that may have not or didn't do something properly.
Anyhow I think its just a valve cover gasket. Thats all they were supposed to replace. Hopefully thats all the problem is with the wiring thing.

Good luck,


posted by  Dan_Solo

I own a 1990 Accord. The oil leaking thing is not a valve cover gasket thing, it is an O-ring thing. You need to replace the little rings around each spark plug that are accessable after you have removed the valve cover. Then clean the valve cover gasket and reuse it. Make sure you replace all of the O-rings, not just one or two (what I did the first time) or you will need to redo this. The o-rings are available at shucks or at your local Honda dealership for approximately 3-5 dollars a piece.

posted by  cheezysweet

Hey Cheese

Thanks for the word up. I didn't know there were o-rings for each individual plug. The machanic should have cued into this... Or I should have...



posted by  Dan_Solo

this happened once with the old engine my friend jay had in his 92 prelude. he got all the o-rings replaced, but his head gasket still failed a while later, so have that checked while u are replacing the o-rings just in case.

posted by  Inygknok

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