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OK, I have just transplanted a commodore aircon system into the Trans AM. Its all under the dash instead of hanging in the engine bay, much neater.

The question is though.....The commodoare vaccum controls are set up differently. There are 3 instead of 4, but four vaccum lines. Two are easy, fresh air / recirc, and windscreen demist.

The third however has two lines, one on the bottom of the control, and one halfway up passing through a check valve.

I need to know which lines get connected to which, I assume one is for face, and the other is for half face, half feet, but how do they go????

Thanks in advance.

posted by  AussieGTA


The fan "vent direction selector" (the knob that chooses face, feet, windscreen, face/feet, recycle air in cabin) is no longer working in my VT commordore. Whilst the knob turns, the air is always coming out of the windscreen vent. when i rotate the knob, it doesnt 'feel' like its working either - it just turns and doesnt make 'airy' noises like it did when it worked.
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joni007   11 Jan 2013 00:05

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