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i know this might sound like the dumbest thing most of y'all ever heard but i want to run mu car(or should i say truck) w/o a hood. if anyone knows texas laws about that plz tell me. im going to get a pin-down fiberglass hood for at night and when its rainy but i want to show off under the hood.thanx for the helpful people and :fu: to everyone else!

posted by  elcohotroddr

im no law expert like my father was for being a lawyer..... but i am quite sure that hoods are mandatory in every corner of the world.... even third world countries.....

posted by  Inygknok

But why would they be mandatory? maybe cuz the electrical dangers present. If u put the battery under lock-n-key and secure that everything exposed wont be affected by water damage... But removing the hood will undoubtedly also get rid of any warrantee that u might have. People also might wanna break the same thing u might wanna show off. But hey waddeva floats ur boat...

posted by  VMJYogi

imagine that one of the hoses that carries water breaks, who do u think the hot water will spill on? yes, innocent pedestrians.

wat if something blows up? the hood is gonna be there to offer some protection.

theres also heat protection from the engine thanks to the hood, and to some of the insulation some hoods have integrated.

its all pretty logical as to why they would be mandatory.

posted by  Inygknok

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