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Hey guys, well i recently bought a new 2004 Acura RSX with a manual transmission for the first time. to say the least, i stalled many, many, many, (did i mention many?) times. I was just wondering if anyone can tell me how many times (can you provide a rough number) am i allowed to stall my car until it starts doing damage. And secondly, does stalling your car also damage your transmission? Thanks guys and to the 2004 maxima-guy, i feel you.

posted by  qwaz009

ummm, are you killing it? the killing the engine thing on a new car is not good. it is bad for the engine and guarantees that you will need to replace the clutch very early. The engine generally needs to be broken in gently for about the first 500 miles. Is there another car that you could learn to drive on?

posted by  cheezysweet

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