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NO luck in the other forum, let me try here:

Let me start out by saying that I dont plan on racing nor am I a ricer. I'm only looking for a bit better gas milage and proformance out of my car. I'm usually into the mini truck scene, but since getting the news and becoming an expecting father I decided to get a family (kinda) oriented vehicle.

With that said, I currently have a 95 Honda Accord. I want to lay all new pipes from the header back to the exhuast. I went down to a local car shop in town and they offer what looks to be the whole system - Muffler, Catalac, stainless steal 2.5" pipes, and CatBack exhuast. I'll also be getting a new header as well, but not for some time.

What system would be ideal for my car - exhuast system and headers) I'm clueless - big time N00B. As for the header, I'm probably going to go with a DC Header, but only if it allows me to meet emisions specifications. I know it has something to do with the 02 sensor, but I'm unsure as to how this works. Is the sensor on the header or is it another part in the car?

This is what mods I have in mind as off now:
DCHeader ($300 to $400)
AEM cold air intake w/bypass valve ($200)
All new pipes, as mentioned, w/ high flow Cat Back Exhuast ($400)

That's pretty much it. It shouldnt be to expensive. The only thing I'm confused on is the header. Should I get 4-1 or 4-2-1 header? Oh and how important is the bypass valve on the intake?

One more question: I already have lowering spring, but I'm looking into new shocks. Do you have any suggestions - which shocks would be worth looking into?

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posted by  MrNasty

thats a lot of money to throw onto the car just for a little better gas mileage the 95 accord already has great gas mileage and it would take a looong time to earn your money back that you spent on upgrades. and shocks like a coilover kit? thats not going to help you gas either(help handling but not gas).......and if you do buy the upgrades i guarantee you all the "ricers" in your town are going to think you are one to ,and possibly even want to race.

posted by  240sx

I know it wont help my gas milage bro. I'm not that big of a noob. :laughing: But I was wanting to put some new shocks on anyway. Shocks, not coil overs. I opted for lowering spring instead of coil overs. So what kind of shocks should I look into.

Why do you say that? How will they even know about the mods anyway, if there unde the hood? lol, just curious....

Thanks bro for the reply, but what about the header (4-1 or 4-2-1) and What's up with the bypass valve on the intake? Anyone else.....

posted by  MrNasty

they will be able to hear the upgrades and see that your car is lowered and possibly think your a ricer, and im a noob myself sort of so i recommend someone else answer those other question of yours lol.............

posted by  240sx

I might just get an intake and exhuast system then. Its all still up in the air. I already have an exhuast, I just haven't put it on. Its actually to big for my stock pipes, and that's one reason I was asking about all new pipes anyway. Also, I heard that you have to replace them a lot of the time in Honda's because they're steal and will rust easily after some time.

Thanks anyway 240.

Anyone else have any suggestions......

posted by  MrNasty

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