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which is best for my car,,,, my car is a 89 s13 ,,,,sr20det (s14) or rb25det i loking for a litle of drift and drag and i think more on drift then drag can some body help me ,,,ohhh and i what power

posted by  negroom

first of all, its actually the rb25dett (yes, it comes twin turbo in stock trim).

both swaps are great, rb25dett being better for very logical reasons. the disadvantages start off easily.

first, SR20DET aluminum block vs rb25dett iron block.

4 banger vs 6 cylinders.

sr20 is extremely easy to swap into teh car, while the rb25 takes quite alot of work (rb20 is alot easier to install). some people have even had to go with single turbo set ups.

sr20 parts are easy to find now, even aftermarket, while rb25 are rare to find in the states, so are parts and service (most have to be ordered in japan).

both engines are common in drifting scenes, sr20 being more common due to its lighter status (duhh), but the rb25 will always be capable of more power due to the extra cylinders.

its all up to you. if u have money, patience, go with the rb25. else, stick to teh sr20.

posted by  Inygknok

my friend i think you are wrong the is rb25det and is single turbo ,, the rb26dett is twin tubo (4wd) rb25det come from r33 the rb26dett come from r34 but thank you for you'r opinion and sorry for the speling

posted by  negroom

hmm, im quite sure there is an rb25dett. also, one thing, the rb26dett came in the r32 gt-r, r33 gt-r and in the r34 gt-r as well. the r33 had it equipped starting the second year of its production.

EDIT: nevermind, checked out the rb25 thing. its just a TT set up done to it just like on the rb20

posted by  Inygknok

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