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I broke a bolt when trying to take out a stripped lug nut. Is the bolt something I can replace myself, or should I pay someone else to do it? Is there anything I could have done to take the nut out, or was the bolt bound to break? I started loosening the nut with my fingers but then it got stuck in between the nut.

Maybe the car is ok to drive without a lug nut, or should I definately get it replaced? I have a 92 camry.

posted by  guitarizt

no you definitely need to get it replaced, if you dont you will develop a bad vibration on that corner because what happens is the rest of the stud holes on the wheel itself will become oval shaped instead of being round and this will give the stud room to move in the hole and therefore make your wheel actually move a little bit while it is spinning and cause a bad vibration. also yes you can replace the wheel stud, just pound on the end of it with a hammer and knock it out of the hub and then you can pound another one back in. make sure you get it all the way in though.

posted by  s-10-fanatic

I have also pulled the new stud in with a lug nut turned flat side in

posted by  tbaxleyjr

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