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I saw something that just blew me away yesterday. Maybe others have seen it too, I was watching that tv show on Discovery Channel called "Mythbusters" and they were testing some "urban legends" regarding car engines. They intended to test a myth in which a raw egg will plug a hole in a radiator. So, one of the guys on this show takes a centerpunch and pokes a small hole in the center of the radiator of the engine. Water trickles out so you know he went through. :cussing: Then the other guy cracks an egg and puts it into the fill spout on the rad yolk and whites and all. He starts the engine and within 30 seconds the leak stops! :clap: I'm thinking, this isn't going to be good! But it worked! Did anyone else see this? Anybody ever heard of this or any other urban legends?

posted by  93GrandAm

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