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Ok, I dont know much if anything about cars, but heres the dillema. My carbarator was in some trouble, after the engine got a little warm lets say about 30 mins of driving the car wouldnt stay on at stop lights. I had to put it in neutral and give it a little gas for it to stay on. I took it in and he did some adjustments on it and it seemed fixed but then the engine started knocking. He said it was a lower engine knock, it sounded like a small tick and as I gave it gas it would get louder. He told me I was going to need a new engine and that it was ok for now but the engine is going and it will give out eventaully. he said I needed a new engine. the car has 119,000 miles on it. a week and a half later the car died on me while driving. it makes the noise when i turn the key but it just wont start up. I tried to jump it and no go. what should I do? I dont too much like this guy and I think he did something to it, because it wasnt knocking or anything before I gave it to him. do I need a whole new engine? can I get this one rebuilt? and can someone tell me whats a reasonable price for a new one or a rebuild? all I know is its a 78 cutlass supreme, and its a 260. thanks so much. and can you try and tell me the cheapest way to fix this car. Im a teenager with a crappy job. thanks.

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Tough call online. I saw this post when I was talking to a customer on the phone with the standard question, "my car doesn't run right, what's wrong and how much?". Well my crystal ball is broken today.

Honestly if you don't have the experience or knowledge (not a put-down) to diagnose the problem yourself take it to a reputable shop. More often than not in the long run it'll be cheaper than having somebody screw it up for you.

Yes you can get it rebuilt. Yes you can get a reman engine. The questions are do you need to and is the car worth it?

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