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My car, (affectionately known as the Batmobile) has started doing something new and different, hence my joining this forum. The Batmobile is a 1993 Ford Escort station wagon with a 1.9L engine and...um...I really have no idea what kind of transmission. Most recently a cylinder head came loose and the engine ate itself. The engine was completely rebuilt to the tune of $2000, although there was some debate over whether to fix it or buy another car. Now there is something else wrong, and I am bitter.

At any rate, a few days ago, the interior fan stopped working. By this, I mean it stopped blowing any kind of air at me through the vents in the dashboard. Hot air, cold air, air conditioning, all gone. However, if I turn the air conditioning on, the air that blows through when I drive fast is indeed cool. The first time this happened, I left the air conditioner in the on position and several minutes later it started blowing again. Now it has stopped again, and it's summer in Southern California. I got a sunburn yesterday from driving with the window down.

Any thoughts?

posted by  pinkspore

Whoops, turns out its an Escort LX, if that makes any difference. I tend to forget this, as I pried off the little plastic doohickeys on the back that say the make and model.

I have tested the resistance of all the fuses, and they are all good.

Further maintinence history (mostly because I am bored):
When the engine was rebuilt in June, it had the transmission serviced, the timing belt replaced, etc.
Earlier in the year it had an oil change and a transmission flush.
In the last year it has had 2 tune ups, new tires, the really big gasket under the hood replaced, and new brakes.
I also replaced the right headlight bulb which finally died. (for a very long time it only went on with the aid of a swift kick. Try explaining that to a cop.)
It snapped the timing belt a number of years ago, with no major effects.

Dunno how relevant any of that is. This still feels like a stupid little complaint that should be a simple as can be to fix.

posted by  pinkspore

the blower motor...not sure how to test it to make sure but that would be my best guesstimate....hope this helps some....ItsMe

posted by  ItsMe

Ok, any ideas how I would fix it?

posted by  pinkspore

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