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Hi gang! Looks like there are many members on here to help. :clap: My '97 Plymouth Breeze is having issues (imagine that...I know) and one major one that is bothering me is this "backfiring" under the pedal or coming from under the engine of my car. I know that one of the codes that I was told a while back was an emissions leak somewhere (no it wasn't the gas cap either) and I'm wondering if this could have anything to do with this "popping/backfiring" sound and feel? Or any ideas what it could be?

My spark plugs were changed 4 times last year due to a cracked gasket seal and some oil leakage into the cylinders. My car is still running rough and having issues when I accelerate which is when I hear this popping/backfiring and then all of a sudden it will take off. It will sometimes sputter at about 60 mph if the rpms are at about 2000-2500. It's a 5-speed manual transmission with a 2.0L engine. Any thoughts?



posted by  brattykid

Hello to you. Pre and Post detonation are the result of raw fuel igniting prematurely or raw fuel going into the exhaust and igniting in the exhaust system. Thus, it sound like your have raw fuel dumping into the exhuast that is igniting causing the backfire. This can be a timing problem, a coil pack, plug wire, or plug that is going out or bad (thus not firing to ignite the fuel in the cylinder) and causing a miss. If you notice a rough idle, engine miss, check the plugs, look for one that is fouling, check the resistance in the wires, then check each of the two coil packs for a bad tower or split. In essence, you can simply pull the plug wires one at a time while it is running until there is NO change and that would give you the cylinder at fault, or you can tell us how many miles your timing belt has and if it has been replaced recently. (Like when the head gasket was done for the factory issue they had). If you supect the timing is the problem then pull the covers and align the timing larks and see if they are even one tooth off. If so correct it, if not, then check the tensioner and close it up. Either way, you are getting raw fuel into the exhaust system and thats where the popping is coming from.

posted by  MsSnapon

Hey thanks! My car has 146,700 miles on it and the timing belt has never been changed. :ohcrap: I know it's an expensive thing to have done and it's expensive to deal with the consequences of it breaking, but it's something that has to hold off for now. *knock on wood* :banghead: I'll have my friend change the plugs and try a few things to see if that helps.

Think any of it might have to do with the fuel filter or fuel pump at all? Just curious on that...it's never been changed either.

Thanks so much for your imput!! :thumbs:

posted by  brattykid

i have a 97 breeze and im not sure whats wrong with it.i was driving and i lost all engine power.i pulled over and smoke started rolling out.it started several times ,but just smoked like crazy and cut off after a few seconds.it was not knocking ,so i dont think it blew up .when i got home i noticed oil in all my spark plug tubes ,some almost full of oil.i think it may be the head gasket,but not 100% sure. is this it and is it expensive to fix

posted by  dudemandave

Backfiring could also be caused from a lack of backcompression. If there's a big hole in your exhaust it could backfire, but usually when you release the gas not hit it. Oil in your spark plugs is a bad sign, bring it to a mechanic would be my advice. I doubt your fuel filter would cause it, but they're always a good idea to change. As far as your smoke you'd have to tell where it was coming from, ie. the exhaust or under the hood. Very well could be a head gasket, and last one i know of that was done was a toyota 22R and it was around $500

posted by  DBain

i have a 97 plymouth breeze..
if anyone is having problems with their car stuttering and no accelerating it could be the spark plugs.. my car started stuttering last year sometime, it look me a year to fix it but oh well.
it was the 3rd cylinder not firing properly.. the spark plug was grounding itself out and burning. the check engline light only came on after about a year of driving like that. But my car would stutter in reverse and and when i was driving about 70 km/h
it was an easy fix, 4 dollars, my friend did it for me so labour was free.

posted by  ashleybert

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