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I have a 1989 Chevy Blazer and it's totally stock.

Recently (today) the lights on the stereo went off and will not come on, whenever you press the window lock button (for the back window ) it usually makes a clicking noise (the unlocking/locking sound when u press the buton) and it no longer does that, the am/fm preset buttons no longer pushin whenever you touch them.... I checked my fuses and all of them seem to be in working condition... Are there any other possible causes????

My headlights work fine, it's just the lights on the deck, the back window button, and the preset buttons won't push in..

Also, when you turn the volume up you can hear weird sounds, like the windows rolling up, i makes a popping noise when you turn the headlights on also, but it gets no radio stations or anything, and it very staticky, but weird noises when rolling up/down the windows...

I had a casette/cd player hookup thing going through the 12v cig lighter port, and it got jammed in their, when i took it out everything started to act up....

Please help!!! :banghead:

posted by  AllStar

Hello, since you jammed the cigarette lighter element, you need to look behind it, there is a ground built onto the assembly housing and a positive wire coming off the center which is tied into the radio wiring and the back glass up/down rocker switch. You may find that you disturbed the positive wire, or the ground wire creating some resistance in the harness. Since they are wired into the harness that runs behind the dash, check for windshield leaks along the fire wall too. I have a blazer. It has had its share of wire faults and most of the time it has turned out to be a simple cause. Look behind the scenes and check for broken or cracked wires, and especially check that cigarette lighter ground/positive wire. Get the voltmeter out. :)

posted by  MsSnapon

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