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My son called last night to say his '94 Chevy S10 had broken down and was not quite sure what the problem was. Three months ago the alternator was replaced as well as the spider injectors. He said he filled the truck with gas and then it would not start. He is a college student who has more sense than money and has decided he is going to work on the truck himself. One of his buddies at college believes the problem is either the fuel pump or the relay switch. After purchasing a relay switch from Advance Auto, and installing it, he finds that the relay switch is not the problem. I know that I have not given you a lot to go on, but....does this sound like the answer to a Chevy S10 that will not start. Please advise if this sounds like a problem that can be fixed by a college student who can not change the oil in his own truck. HELP!

posted by  Rambo

ehh, i honestly have no idea. i would agree, there really isnt enough info to go on with. for now, it could be a large array from things, to a little fuse that has given up (those cost just cents), to maybe even the starter or something serious. symptoms of the vehicle would be nice. also any sounds that the truck makes when trying to start it would be helpfull too. the alternator doesnt have anything to do with starting up the truck, just not allowing the battery to run out so fast.

question, wat are spider injectors? u meant the fuel injectors?

posted by  Inygknok

Hi Mom, either your son has one of two problems: no fuel or no fire. If the vehicle cranks but does not start then he needs to check for a loss of one or the other. He can pull a simple sound test for the pump coming on, turn the key in the on position and listen for the pump to come on for the two second prime (on fuel injection), if no pump noise in the tank then he needs to be sure he has fire going through the plugs anyway to rule out the iginition module which sends signal for both. If he is not sure how to do this then tell him the best thing to do is stop throwing parts at the problem, save that money and hire a reputable mechanic to diagnose it. By the way, he can return the relay to Advance Auto for a full refund. (I know, I have worked there for 7 years part time for fun). Tell him to start there and then if he wants to do-it-yourself, go back to Advance and trade the relay in and add a couple dollars and buy a Haynes manual for the truck. Being a college student he can read the step by step to give it his best shot. I know how that goes too, I spent 15 years in college and read many a repair manual myself. :)

posted by  MsSnapon

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