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I have a buddy who wants to stop his odometer on his jeep liberty.his reasons not mind as a buddy I always like to help .any ideas?

posted by  s7595

Hello to you: While I, or any other Dodge/Chrysler mechanic can tell you how to do that, we, or rather I, won't. It's a felony to knowlingly alter, modify or otherwise inpede the factory actual speedometer/odometer, thus rendering the vehicle TMU (true miles unknown). I would strongly suggest against it. But since you are trying to help a friend I don't fault you, just warn you to think hard about that one because the vehicle will retain a code in memory that the speed sensor was fault. While this doesn't help it does serve a purpose. :)

posted by  MsSnapon

I am helping a friend ,as for the law ,the police violate peoples rights every day ,the fed's shreed the constiuon,we invaded irag and no weapons of mass diss. wer found .so why not .do you belive that all the car dealers are totaly honest?.

posted by  s7595

I agree on the Iraq thing. We should have just waited until they actually made tons of weapons of mass distruction that way they can use them against us! That way we will be SURE they have them. It's a very intelligent plan.

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posted by  DodgeRida67

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