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i have a 1998 ford tauraus 6 cylinder-the heat settings and defrost blow cold air-no hot air available. the air conditioner and blower work fine-but when switching to hot air only cold air comes out no matter if floor dash or defrost is selected. what can cause this and how can i fix or troubleshoot this
many thanks to anyone who replies. norm

posted by  lazerous69

well, norm, I'd be glad to help you out but I need a little more info before I can start leaning towards one thing or another....first off, what size engine? when did the problem start? does the engine run at normal operating temps(normal, a little on the cold side, a little on the hot side)? does the engine take a long time to warm up? did you recently have any work done on your engine cooling system? have you noticed any coolant leaking?

the more accurate the answers the better I can help.


posted by  Sick88Tbird

lets ask some more questions

Does the car have the usual buttons and slide levers for temperature control or does it have an electronic temperature controller?

Any work been done with heater hoses, heater core under the dash, etc?

posted by  tbaxleyjr

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