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Hi all, I would appreciate some help on this one. I have a 1990 GMC Tracker and recently washed the engine with a high preasure spray hose. I kept the engine running and experienced no problems. The problem: After I drove home and shut off the engine, it has not run properly since! The motor runs very rough, and (oddly) smooths out if I REMOVE a plug wire! I have checked the distributer, spark plugs etc, all the obviuos stuff. No water anywhere that I can find, and it has been several days anyway since I washed the engine.
Does anyone have ANY suggestions that might help me track this problem down?
Any help will be appreciated.

posted by  dmelvill

Hi, Hey you can try spraying your dist. and coil an allelc.connections with WD40 an then let it dry up for about 4 hours ,inside the dist also and leave cap off to dry. have fun Slim :screwy:

posted by  Slimone

Thanks Silm, I will your suggestion a try.

posted by  dmelvill

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