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Hi All,
We just bought a 1997 Ford Probe Base 4cyl 2.0, 5 speed with 63,000 miles. The car is in real nice shape, and runs great (but) we have a hard time starting it 6 times in 2 weeks, but once it starts it runs fine.
This is what happens my daughter can drive around all day and all is fine
but some times when the car sits for awhile, it can sit for a half hour or 5 hours doesn't seem to matter. the car turns over but does not fire, you can here the fuel injection working so dont think its that. Sometimes you can hit the ingition 6 times and it starts sometimes it takes 20 times. But so far it has always started, and then it runs fine and starts fine. It has been to two
service shops and been on 3 Diag machines but no one can find the problem or make it happen when thay have it. So we got the car back last Thursday from a garage they found nothing, drove it that night 12 miles, and the car sat for 2 hours then would not start took 10 minutes of turning it over, then ran fine.Thought maybe it had something to do with the way the 12 disk CD player was wired seems how it only has happened to us, and we are the only ones to use the cd player the service centers did not. So we have not used the cd player but it did it again Saturday night my daughter drove it to a friends house about 9 miles away and it sat for 5 hours and would not start, so she hit the ignition about 20 times and it started and ran fine. Does anyone have any thoughts as to why this is happening!!! Sorry for being so long winded but wanted to give as much info as possible.

Thanks in advance

posted by  paint

I have exactly the same problem with a 1996 Ford Probe GT. Took it to a Ford dealer twice. They replaced the crankshaft sensor and the distributor. Ran perfect for a couple of weeks. The starting problem is resurfacing again. Previously, the Check Engine Light was on, readout was 'crankshaft sensor fault'. They replaced the sensor for the second time. Ran well again for a couple of weeks. The starting problem is occurring again today, 09/25/04, and the Check Engine Light is back on.

Were there any replies to the original post? I have asked the service advisor at Ford to contact the factory hotline to see if there is a field service bulletin on this problem.

If any of you have come across a solution please email me at eagle3x8@yahoo.com, as I don't visit this forum on a daily basis.


posted by  eagle3x8

I have traced my problem to an intermittent connector contact between the control cable harness and the cable from the crankshaft position sensor. This connector set is located by the oil dipstick. The problem was reproducible after temperature cycling. For example, driving the car for sometime and parking it in a cool place. Many times I were able to restart the car by jiggling these two connectors. Finally, I got a connector kit from Kragan's and rewired them. I have no starting problem since then.

The Ford dealership had replaced both the distributor and the sensor but did not solve the problem as they had overlooked the connector issue. When I brought the connector problem to their attention, they said they couldn't locate a replacement connector. So I went ahead to get a generic connector kit from an auto parts store and did the rewiring myself.


posted by  eagle3x8

I am not sure if this will help you out, but I am having issues with my 95 Probe, in looking for answers to my problem I found this page. This sounds like what you guys where talking about. The guy on the page has pictures and a full account of how he rewired his car to fix his problem. :thumbs:


posted by  bsherrill

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