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I have issues!!
We recently purchased a 77 Corvette Stingray in really good condition that has only had 2 owners. Both kept all maint. records etc on the car. Anything that was ever done to the car is recorded and all reciepts are in our possession.
Immediately we had a blown head gasket that we had to take care of along with a small radiator leak. While the car was torn down we went ahead and replaced the rings as well. The engine performance is not in question at all. What is in question is the clutch. When you go to disengage the clutch, just at the point when you feel the clutch disengage there is a rumbling that you can both hear and feel at that initial point of contact that the clutch makes with the plate. Clutch performance otherwise is good and there is no grinding of the gears at all during both disengagement or engagement. Just the initial contact problem.
I am of the opinion that we need to replace the throw out bearing only and I am seeking advice as to whether or not we should replace the clutch entirely.

posted by  Debra

Hi, well if I had the motor out to rering it I would have replaced the clutch and throw out at that time ,in the long run saves a lot of work.Now if your all back together and have to tare back down ,heck still would change it all, Sorry but that is the way I think.yea you can just change the throw out most likely thats is what is makeing the noise, have fun Slim :screwy:

posted by  Slimone

I'm going to have to agree with Slim that you should just replace all of it. If you can feel the "rumbling" it is most likely the clutch anyway.

Clutches are cheap and it is going to be accessable anyway so go ahead and change it. You don't want to go and change out the throw out bearing, put it back together, and then go in for the clutch in a few thousand miles.

It would have been nice to do it while the engine work was being done but.....

Good luck.

posted by  theman352001

thanks for the responses guys...OK..I guess we sould go ahead and replace the entire clutch. I guess i knew it all along but wanted affirmation (sigh)
Let me ask this then, in the interim is it ok to drive the car until we get it done this weekend? I mean as far as the throw out bearing rumbling....Will I get stranded somewhere?
I am still in the learning phase here and I am trying to absorb as much as possible so be patient (snicker)

posted by  Debra

Up until the weekend should not be a problem. Depends on how you drive also. Be nice to it and it will take care of you.

I'm not saying it won't leave you stranded though. Never know when somethings going to give. But you should make it.

I was driving on a slipping clutch for 2 years (not constant - in my summer car). Finally got it replaced last weekend and what a difference. :thumbs:

posted by  theman352001

I appreciate the candid responses everyone.
I guess that sorta pushes me in the right direction then.
Should my estimate of 700.00 to replace the clutch in its entirety be accurate or am i being taken advantage of as a female? (sorry...I hate to say that but it is so incredibly true that it happens!!)

posted by  Debra

Well, sounds a bit high to me. But then again I'm a cheap bast***. Makes me happy I do my own work though.

The parts are going to be a lot cheaper than that. I guess it depends on the labor involved. Haven't replaced a clutch in a vette yet so.....

You could ask for a breakdown of the estimate and then check some of your local parts places for the clutch, throw out bearing, and presure plate. Maybe you supply the parts and ask them to install it.

Just a thought.

posted by  theman352001

Thanks again...I too feel that the estimate is a bit high but I have nothing with which to compare. We want to get the car back to full systems as soon as possible but on the same note don't want to be taken advantage of.
The master brake cylinder...we can change...but something like the clutch which requires the transmission to be removed prior is not a project that we are able to take on until we can learn a bit more about basic replacements and maintenance. I am at the point where frustration is setting in because the car is just under 2 weeks new to us and already we have fixed the radiator..replaced the rings...went thru a blown head gasket and had to have the friggin thing completely redone to get it cleaned up...sheesh... Not to mention the push rod that we had replaced as well...I'm getting a little concerned that we have taken on what I affectionately refer to as a money pit. :banghead:

posted by  Debra

IF you were convinced to replace the clutch yourself, the total cost would be around $150. :thumbs: $700 is a little steep. Around $100 to steep.

posted by  DodgeRida67

Yep, they can suck up the cash. As I see it, you either spend the money up front and buy an older car that doesn't need all that work and you just jump in and enjoy, or....., you buy a car at a decent price and then spend the money fixing it up.

For people who are not into doing most of the work themselves, it is usually better to spend the money up front because the seller is usually taking the bath at that point.

For people who want to, and can, do the work themselves, they save a ton of money on labor and are just investing in new parts and your time.

I'm the later.

Now technically, pulling a trans and changing out the clutch is not that difficult. I did my first one at 16 with no experience. Depending on the room under there you may not have to pull the whole thing out but instead just slide it back about 8 inches so you can get in and swap out the components. Chances are a vette is a bit more cramped and you will have to drop it anyway.

When all is said and done though, your money will be well spent. You will enjoy the car and if you take care of it and not let it fall into the state it was when you bought it, you will probably make money on it in the end. Don't worry yourself over it now.

posted by  theman352001

Allright then...away we go tomorrow morning to get it done.
Thanks for the advice. I really appreciate it guys. I'm sure that there will be other "issues" with the money pit that we can come here for..It's always nice to get affirmation on things.
I'm going to see if the mech will take 600.00 to replace the clutch..Maybe he will be willing to haggle a bit since he is a small shop owner??
We can get past this problem and wait for the next one (and I'm sure there will be a next one too!!)
Talk to you later.

posted by  Debra

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